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Safe, secure and efficient

Store employment information with a third-party verification company to save time and money. Your company won’t have to handle these requests from other employers when you store employee information with a third-party employment verification service like PSI.

Zero Fees

Our third-party employment verification service features no sign-up or setup fees. We also don’t charge monthly or annual fees.

Reallocated Resources

Let us handle the third-party verification process and we’ll do all the talking to companies and credit lenders that wish to verify employment status or references.

Added Value

Outsourcing employer requests for employee information with PSI ensures that we can provide the information quickly when requested and to those authorized to see it. Every time an employer requests the employee histories you have stored with us, we add an invoice credit to your account. Outsource your employee information storage with a third-party employment verification company like PSI.

Data Delivered

Leverage the data we send you about who’s called on your employees to better gauge employee behavior, competition, recruitment and retention rates and more!

How our Third-Party Verification Process Works

When clients store employee data with a third-party employment verification company like PSI, we create a unique code to give other employers or credit lenders who are seeking employment details on your current or previous employees.

After using the code and following necessary steps, a fee of $18.95 is charged in order to obtain the employment history data. This information most commonly consists of dates of employment, job title, eligibility for hire and wage information.

By letting us conduct third-party employment verification, you agree to let PSI store employee information and offer instant access to those with a permissible purpose for obtaining it. This allows companies to eliminate wasted time and resources spent on verifying employment histories for existing and former employees.

And as an added value, when you take advantage of our third-party employment verification program, we help clients save more money when using both PSI’s employment verification and background check services. Every time a verifier requests data on an employee, a credit is given on your pre-employment background screening invoice.

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