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Hiring in the Aviation Industry means working with candidates who are constantly on the move. From flight attendants and pilots who travel the world, to sheet metal journeymen who move across the country frequently to meet project demands, we understand that your job applicants stay busy.

Access From Anywhere

PSI’s proprietary technology allows for applicants to submit the required information and consent electronically through our secured online system, even on a mobile device, and often in 10 minutes or less!

Our aviation clients have stated that they have a more efficient hiring process using our email invitation system, which allows recruiters to send a customized message to job candidates with login credentials and instructions for completing the submission of information and consent for the background investigation. Our secured online system is user friendly, and allows for flexible data entry options, including mobile capabilities, resulting in reduced turnaround time and faster processing.

For one aviation client, our strength in customer service made all the difference for their recruiters. Because PSI will communicate directly with job candidates to obtain any additional documentation or information needed to complete the screening process, aviation clients can reduce unnecessary follow up. We cut the personnel team out as the middle man to ensure that recruiters can focus on what they do best — recruiting talent! Our clients are confident that PSI team members will treat their job candidates with the same level of respect and care that they receive daily.

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