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Healthcare Background Checks

We understand that our healthcare clients are often juggling multiple compliance and accreditation issues.

Built-In Privacy Protocol

We offer screening compliance assistance through our Federal and State HR Helpdesk and even offer multiple different sanction searches. The Health and Human Services/Office of the Inspector General (HHS/OIG) search and General Services Administration or Government Systems Awards management (GSA) search come complimentary in our healthcare background check packages.

Healthcare Background Check Packages

We can tailor your healthcare background check package to include the checks required for each position you are hiring for. We can include identity verification, criminal record, drug screening, professional license verification, and education verification services, as well as any other required healthcare worker background checks.

Our Healthcare Background Screening Database

Our proprietary system and open-ended API allows PSI to integrate with almost any Applicant Tracking System on the market. Further, because we have created our database from the ground up, we can customize our system to meet the individual needs of our clients.  For one PSI client, this was a game-changer. Our integration with their Applicant Tracking System created a seamless hiring process that was managed under one login from start to finish. When they needed the ability to tie our email invitation feature into the new ATS, our programmers quickly customized the system to meet their specific needs and ensure satisfaction.

For some healthcare organizations, human resources and personnel are tasked with ensuring that every employee, volunteer, student, and contractor that is working with patients onsite has been screened compliantly. PSI’s MedWise system can take the healthcare background screening process a step further by organizing and tracking immunization and required medical records under the same system that clients track background and drug screen results. The MedWise system is fully customizable to meet the specific immunization and document tracking needs of any healthcare organization. The easy to read compliance report is generated at the touch of a button, ensuring that you have easy access to the information you need in the event of accreditation or government audit. Contact us today to learn about how we can provide you with background checks for your healthcare workers.

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