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We hear it all the time from prospective clients: “My current provider is taking weeks to turnaround background checks, and we cannot afford to wait that long.”

Staffing Solutions

At PSI, we understand staffing companies must meet the demands of their clients with backgrounds that are accurate and timely. Speed and accuracy is a balancing act, so we developed software and created integrations to reduce turnaround times across the board for our clients while maintaining exceptional accuracy.

Our new staffing clients are often astonished at how quickly we can turn around requests, and even more surprised at the robustness of our packages. We steer clear of providing only instant database searches, ensuring that your clients can feel comfortable relying upon the background results we provide, and that you can maintain compliance under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Our email invitation feature eliminates the need for in-office paperwork related to the background screening process, and allows your job candidates to easily submit the required information and consent form electronically. This can be done on a personal computer, tablet, or even a smart phone. In just 3 steps and about 10 minutes, job applicants can submit all information securely, and the direct electronic submission means a significantly reduced turnaround time for completing the background request.

With innovative proprietary technology, PSI provides staffing companies with simplified submission solutions, but when that isn’t enough, our exceptional customer service can make all the difference. One of our staffing clients is often faced with a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to a candidate’s start date, and they are often contacted just hours before a candidate needs to begin work. When this happens, PSI steps in to do everything possible to rush completion of a background check. Without sacrificing accuracy or thoroughness, we have been able to complete some screenings in a matter of hours for our staffing clients, and at no additional rush fee.

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