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2 Reasons To Run a Post-Employment Background Check

PSI Team | Industry Expertise

2 Reasons To Run a Post-Employment Background Check

Background checks allow you to make smart, informed decisions about the people working for and representing your company. While most background checks occur before you officially hire an employee, many industries also conduct these screenings on current employees. Maintaining a safe workplace means making sure that your employees continue to be upstanding citizens. After all, your employees’ records might change during the time they work for you. A post-employment background check will make you aware of criminal charges, drug use, and other behaviors you might not want in your work environment. Learn more about how to keep your company and team safe with this list of reasons to run a post-employment background check.

Promotions and Role Changes

Promotions are an exciting process for your team, but you should still treat them as you would any other hiring procedure. A new promotion or job change will come with extra responsibilities and requirements. Just because an individual met their current job qualifications doesn’t mean they have the qualifications necessary for this new role. A background check will help you promote only the best person for the job. Post-employment background checks become particularly useful when a promotion or role change involves new duties such as driving a company vehicle or maintaining a higher security clearance. These are crucial responsibilities that call for safe and dependable employees. A post-employment screening helps guarantee that you give these responsibilities to an individual you can trust.

Keeping Vulnerable Populations Safe

While post-employment background checks help ensure workplace safety in any company, they’re imperative for industries that work with vulnerable populations. Schools, healthcare facilities, and other similar organizations have a duty to protect the groups they support. You want to be able to trust your employees to take care of these populations. Even if someone has a clean record when you hire them, they can still partake in less than responsible activities while working for you. One of the most important reasons to run a post-employment background check is to continuously ensure that your employees are responsible enough to work with children, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations.

PSI Background Screening can help you decide which professional background check services are right for your business or organization. We’ll help you implement efficient and compliant background checks throughout your company, keeping your reputation, employees, and clients safe.